WATER TOUCH / SMART Water Filtration Appliance

Installed in the kitchen, this is a smart water purifier that purifies tap water and supplies clean drinking water. Breaking away from the existing button-type mechanical operations, an intuitive graphical user interface has been applied to the Twinkle to make you feel as if you are touching running water. Touch the GUI up or down to set the water volume and left or right to set the water temperature. The new user interface is designed to appeal to users’ sentiments. Download apps from the Internet, and you can use this smart water purifier for many other convenient features, such as food recipes, weather, time, memo, music, videos, and news, making your life in the kitchen much easier.


Newly Developed UI/UX

A water purifier is a product that supplies clean drinking water. However, most water purifiers still come with commoditized features such as push buttons. We wanted to develop a different product that can give users a new experience, appeal to their sentiments, and pique their interest in the product.

2013 IDEA Design Award Finalist, US
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