C-hanger is a hanger-type dehumidifier with deodorization and Sterilization function that manages not only clothes but also closet. Even if the clothes are clean, it is easy to get damp and dirty when a closet is humid and dirty. Therefore, it is more effective to care both of them. It can manage not only clothes, but also a closet. It makes better use of space, as you can simply place this product in the closet. If you hang it in the closet, all the clothes and the closet are dehumidified and sterilized. You can also give intensive care for a cloth by hanging clothes on this product like a hanger. You can measure how much water is dehumidified through a front window, and check the degree of air pollution by light changing.
I brought a concept form hangers because this is a product that cares of clothes and closet. Existing products are so big like closets, so that they occupy big space and clothes are put in those products. On the other hand, C-hanger is designed small size, so it is put in a closet.


2012 IDEA Design Award Finalist, US
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