/ Air Purifier(AP-1015)

The AP-1015 is an air purifier with a 4-step filter system to remove fine dust, viruses, harmful gases, odors, etc. from a 33 square meter area. The most prominent design concept was “sloping”. Previous air purifiers emitted air upward, while the AP-1015 is slanted 6 degrees at the front. Air absorbed at the back is emitted diagonally upward from the front so all air is circulated even in an enclosed space for maximum purification.​​​​​​​


Power cable in Blue

Power cables are used at home, and many power cables are plugged in at the same time. It’s hard to know which cable goes with which product. Since our product is often moved between spaces, I wanted users to recognize which product it was just by the cable color.
2016 iF Design Award Winner, Germany
2015 IDEA Design Award Finalist, US
2015 Red Dot Design Award Winner, Germany
2015 Good Design Award Winner, Japan
2015 Good Design Award Winner, Korea
2015 Pin-up Design Award BRONZE, Korea

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